Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Riding for tacos is the best kind of riding.

The other day I went for a ride to watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. I took a picture as it sank, I apologize for the lens flare. Normally an attentive blogger would edit the photo a bit but I can't be bothered, so there it is.

Huntington Beach, CA. The land of sunsets...
Upon turning back to go home I realized there was a noise coming from somewhere inside my gastrointestinal tract. I determined that this must be a sign of hunger so tacos were in order. The catch is that the tacos I wanted were ironically located in Little Saigon. I had to decide whether to take the MUP in the dark through numerous homeless camps or to brave surface streets filled with distracted drivers shopping for the Chinese New Year. I figured I had a better chance with the homeless camps since homeless people only go after you if you're dragging a case of this behind your bike. I had a GoPro mounted on the seat tube taking still shots. Here are some of the keepers that were taken:

For now I think my GoPro provides a fantastic service just taking stills as I ride. Though someday I plan to use it to film myself as I destroy my collarbone for the sake of filming an attempted 60+ mph run.  

The greatest part of this video is the description tells you to "Always ride with a helmet!". It should say "Always ride with common sense!" since that's what people seem to forget at home most often. 

Anyway, I said earlier that I went to pick up some delicious tacos. I won't leave you hanging, so here's a picture of the tacos:

Kogi perfection.
My only regret with this ride was that I should have ordered more tacos. I only had 5 and when I finally got home I was a bit hungry again. I'll have to make amends on the next taco ride.

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