Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rain, Dumpster Bikes, and Robert Smith's Face

In Southern California we don't get much rain. When it does rain though, our toughness gets washed away like Robert Smith's awful make-up after a long night of crying.

"Boy's don't cry, that's why I look like a girl" - Robert Smith (probably)
So you can imagine the gigantic suitcase of courage I needed when I manned up and decided to ride in the rain during our epic storm this weekend. The "storm" dropped about 3 inches of rain and totally eclipsed anything seen on the Eastern seaboard. I decided to go out anyway since I put fenders on the Surly. For a while I wondered if I would ever use them considering we had 85 degree weather like 2 weeks ago but they finally saw action.

H.M.S. Surly at full sail.
The SKS Longboard fenders do what they're supposed to. The only downside to having fenders, is that it doesn't rain enough in SoCal to justify having them mounted all the time unless you're constantly riding through puddles or bum urine. Usually they just catch the wind and push the bike sideways but I'm so lazy I probably won't bother taking them off unless they start rattling or something. If you live where it rains and don't have fenders you need a set of these. Unless you want to look super badass while riding in your own wheel spray:

I'm also proud to say that after their first dousing my lights and dynamo proved to be sufficently water-resistant. Riding around in the rain will be a breeze from now on. I can't wait to do it next year when it rains again. Awesome!

That hub is so wet.
In other news, a good friend of mine recently found a bike in a garbage dumpster. I think it's a 1974 Raleigh, what I don't get is why someone just threw it away. It was quickly rescued and I've fixed it. I'll provide better coverage and photos when I get around to it.


  1. You never realize it was a puddle of bum urine until it's too late. About the Raleigh... what are you planning to fix on it? Are the rims steel? Please keep the giant reflectors- they are so anti-aero that it makes me happy.

    1. Bum urine is sneaky. The Raleigh, being a dumpster bike was fixed up of a novice cyclist who happens to be married to my friend. It's not a era-correct bike anymore but at least it'll get ridden. I've included it in the latest post of this blog. Take a look!

    2. Oh, and the reflectors were removed by my friend. I'm sorry about that, but I applaud your rebellious stance towards aerodynamic obsessions.