Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Real Schwinn-er

Breaking News!

If you own a 1987 Schwinn Circuit you're better looking than someone without a 1988 Schwinn Circuit.

What? You don't have a 1987 Schwinn Circuit?

Schwinn 1987 Super Sport / CircuitSchwinn 1987 Super Sport / Circuit

Well, great news! I have one and I'm going to sell it to you! For just $300 you can have this shiny piece of 80's steel perched between your legs. It's a 56 cm frame that's been very well cared-for.

The bike is largely original with a few exceptions, like the saddle and seatpost. The paint is 6/10 for the scratches and minor pitting on the chrome stays. Other than that it's a fully functioning bike with brand-new tires. Don't miss an opportunity to be better looking and possibly more sexually active* with this excellent bicycle. 

*Actual results may vary.


  1. What bike do you currently own that prevents you from also owning this one? Or is it too big? I would keep it, if only for that rad bar tape.

    1. I made a bulk purchase of bikes with the intention of getting them rehabilitated and sold to people that will love, cherish, and ride them. I hope to make some money in the process if my business sense is as sound as I pray it is. I actually considered keeping the Schwinn but I'd be more happy using the money I get from it to get a sweet 'cross bike. That the truth Jake, the cold hard truth.

  2. Nice bike, I'm just to far away from you to try and work out a deal.
    Shipping is so expensive now.
    Good luck with the sale.

    1. How far is far away? Are you in Cleveland or something?