Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tire Sealant in Tubes?

Recently I started using tubeless sealant in my tubes since I'm too lazy to switch to a fully tubeless set-up. With a fully tubeless setup you're confined to use the same tires on your wheels unless you want to re-fit and refill your tires with sealant. Sealant in your tires isn't new, in fact you can buy tubes with sealant inside, but what about the tubes you already have? You can fill ANY bicycle tube with sealant, it only adds a little bit of weight but it can save you trouble if getting a flat tire when you're out on the road. You can add a little, or a lot of sealant depending on what kind of road hazards you'll bump into on your rides. 

Here's a little instructional on how to fill presta tubes with sealant. In the video I'm filling a tube with a non-removable valve core. Tubes with removable valve cores are easier to work with since you just screw off the core with some pliers, otherwise the steps are the same. You can find Blue Seal here and a syringe applicator like the one I used here.